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Bryant HVAC LogoGeothermal systems provide superior performance, regardless of weather extremes.  With efficiency ratings from 350% to 550%, it just doesn’t get any better.  Contact Chadds Ford Climate Control for knowledgeable recommendations and installations, and expect to lower your utility bills anywhere from 40% to 80%.  Our licensed technicians are exceptionally qualified in the design, implementation, and service of geothermal heating and cooling systems.  We offer free consultations, and would be happy to explain the ins and outs, as well as the immediate and ongoing rewards, of geothermal comfort.

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While many people are just catching on to the tremendous advantages of geothermal heating and cooling, the technology is not new.  The team from Chadds Ford Climate Control brings industry resources, years of experience, and in-depth training to every job.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we participate in continued updates specific to advancements in technique and technology.  Know that your project will be handled with the highest level of professionalism from start to finish, kept to a strict timetable, and completed to your satisfaction.  Family owned and operated, we appreciate the costs, demands, and stress of answering local weather extremes.  We are committed to delivering affordable, reliable, and straightforward solutions that ensure superior comfort and lasting value.  Contact Chadds Ford Climate Control in Chadds Ford, Kennett Square, West Chester, Glen Mills, Landenberg, Malvern & Paoli, PA and across Pennsylvania's Chester & Delaware Counties, and experience the difference of personalized attention and quality service.

Some of the many benefits of geothermal heating and cooling include:

  • Reduced Utility Bills – A geothermal system can heat and cool the average two thousand square foot home for as little as a dollar a day.  Needing minimal amounts of electricity to transfer heat to and from the ground to your home, the system generates approximately four units of energy for every unit of electricity.
  • Environmentally Responsible – The US Environmental Protection Agency recognizes geothermal as the most environmentally conscientious heating and cooling option on the market today.
  • Less Maintenance – Your geothermal system needs only periodic checks and filter changes to operate dependably, year after year.
  • Peace of Mind – Geothermal systems do not burn fossil fuels, such as natural gas.  Hazards of combustions, such as flames, fumes, odors, hot surfaces, formaldehyde, or carbon monoxide, are nonexistent.
  • Investment Return – A Geothermal System is a major investment, but a rewarding one.  Significantly reduced utility bills and maintenance needs can easily recover the cost of installation in three to five years.  Remember, you’re going to keep your home perfectly comfortable for about a dollar a day!
  • Hot Water Benefits – Your geothermal system can supplement your conventional water heater, trimming up to 30% off your annual hot water costs.
  • Amazing Service Life – Located indoors, the geothermal unit is protected against the wear and tear of weather extremes.  Depend on it to provide more than twenty years of service!  Expect the ground loop to meet your highest expectations for fifty years!
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation – Drawing upon the same basic idea for operation as your refrigerator or freezer, your geothermal system is wonderfully quiet.

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